Frequently asked questions about the SparkDome.

    • Does the SparkDome have a warranty?
      • Yes, the SparkDome has a 12-month warranty on the SparkDome and its electrical equipment, provided by the manufacturer, Hot Yoga Dome.
    • What is the size/physical footprint of the SparkDome?
      • We have two different sizes, the Comfort (larger) and the Compact(smaller).
      • SparkDome Comfort dimensions: 

        Exterior dimensions: 9 feet wide x 9 feet deep x 7.5 feet tall

        Interior dimensions: 7 feet wide x 7 feet deep x 7.5 feet tall (fully inflated). 

        Deflated dimensions: Rolls up to 16 inches wide x 17 inches tall.

      • SparkDome Compact dimensions: 

        Exterior dimensions: 7 feet wide x 9 feet deep x 7.5 feet tall

        Interior dimensions: 5 feet wide x 7 feet deep x 7.5 feet tall (fully inflated)

        Deflated dimensions: rolls up to 14 inches wide x 15 inches tall.

    • How long does it take to inflate the SparkDome?
      • The SparkDome will inflate in about 1-2 minutes
    • Is the SparkDome easy to clean?
      • We recommend leaving the SparkDome inflated following your practice, with the door open. The humidity will air out within 5-10 minutes, and you can easily wipe the interior down if necessary. We also recommend cleaning the floor where your SparkDome will be positioned beforehand. 
    • Is the SparkDome heated?
      • No, the SparkDome is a small-scale, inflatable and virtually insulated yoga studio to which you can add heat and/or humidity elements. 
    • I usually practice at home with heaters surrounding my mat. How is this different?
      • There is a world of difference between practicing at home with heaters surrounding your mat and practicing within the SparkDome. If you want to achieve studio-like sweat levels, preventing air flow is critical. That said, tiny air holes ensure that there is ventilation in the SparkDome. SparkDome clients also tell us that visually and energetically, stepping into the SparkDome feels like a dedicated space where kids, work, and other distractions are less likely to affect them and their practice, which is much different than rolling out their mat in the bedroom or basement. 
    • How hot and humid can the SparkDome get?
      • It is up to you to determine how many heaters and humidifiers to add, and at what settings. With one each of our suggested heater and humidifier and properly following our partner's heating protocols, we have found that we can achieve levels similar to the hot rooms at YogaSpark (i.e., 90-100 degrees and 50-60% humidity). Some practitioners even find that their own body provides enough heat and humidity to accomplish their sweat-related goals. Please note: It is important that each heater has a dedicated circuit (not just power outlet) that provides 15 amps of power so that the heaters can operate at full capacity. Upon purchase of the SparkDome, we will send you an email with more detailed operating instructions and best practices.
    • What other things do I need?
      • Items that might be useful in your home SparkDome practice are: 
        • heater and/or humidifier (see above)
        • iPod stand. Having YogaSpark Digital best positioned at the right angle is important.
        • Wireless headphones. This will help eliminate background noise and create a more immersive experience for you in class. Alternatively, a wireless speaker. 
        • Yoga mat.
        • Grippy yoga towel. 
        • 14 gauge cord that can handle 15 amps (if necessary)
        • Anchoring equipment (if used outdoors)
    • Where do you recommend using my SparkDome?
      • We would put a SparkDome anywhere that has the appropriate space for it to be fully inflated and properly stored, where it's less likely you'll be disturbed during your practice! Some clients keep it easily accessible but folded into half or quarters, nearby the outlets that are generally used. 
    • Can SparkDome be used outside?
      • Yes, weather permitting. SparkDomes are made of lightweight, yet sturdy material so that they can be easily transported. If used outdoors, it is imperative that your SparkDome is properly anchored down and appropriate safety guidelines are followed. We do not recommend inflating your SparkDome in inclement weather when there are wind speeds in excess of 10 mph.
    • Why SparkDome and not Hot Yoga Dome?
      • HYD are our manufacturing partners and we absolutely love them! The benefit to owning a SparkDome is that it comes with an annual subscription to YogaSpark Digital (value: $349.99). So it is the only truly immersive at home hot yoga experience. That, combined with our studio-feel inside the SparkDome and access to our amazing community of teachers and yogis, makes our clients feel as though they have transported a hot yoga studio into their home. Plus, you'll be supporting and staying connected with your favorite New York-based studio.
    • What is your return/refund policy?
      • We do not accept any returns or refunds at this time, but our partners at the Hot Yoga Dome offer a 12-month warranty and exceptional customer service.